A Global Village

Technology and Materials

Issue 13 – 2015
Arjav Trivedi, Imperial College London
Issue 12 – June 2014
Dr. E. David G. McIntosh AM, Imperial College London
Charlene Jennett, Anna. L. Cox, Diana Mastracci and Cindy Regalado, University College London
Gerrit Beger, UNICEF
Dr. Kit Huckvale, Department of Primary Care and Public Health
Dr. Andy Chow, University College London
Prof. Michel Ferreira, Pedro Gomes, Michelle Krüger Silvéria, Fausto Vieira, University of Porto
Issue 11 – October 2013
Dejana Jovicevic, Imperial College London
Dr. Louisa J. Preston, The Open University
Dr. Simon N. Evetts and Dr. Iya Whiteley, UK Space Biomedicine Consortium
Dr. Fiona Larner, Imperial College London
Angelica Angles, The University of Hong Kong
Les Johnson, NASA’s George C. Marshall Flight Space Center
Dr. Emily Baldwin, EJR-Quartz (ESA)
Emmanouela Patiniotaki, Imperial College London
Issue 10 – May 2013
Stephen McCarthy, Imperial College London
Prof. Silvestro Micera, Jacopo Carpaneto & Stanisa Raspopovic, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne & Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Issue 9 – January 2013
Dr. Peter Biggins & Andrew Burton, Imperial College London
Shigeyuki Koide, Freelance Science Journalist
Gwern Branwen, Singularity Institute
Issue 8 – October 2012
Dr. Kartik Rao, Metalysis Ltd.
Dr. Antonio Torrisi, Imperial College London
Prof. Jenny Nelson & Christopher Emmott, Imperial College London
Georgios Katsigiannis, Imperial College London
M. Hosam Jiroudy, The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts