A Global Village

Conflict and Security

Issue 12 – June 2014
Prof. Chris Hankin & Andrew Burton, Imperial College London
Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation
Issue 11 – October 2013
Dr. Louisa J. Preston, The Open University
Prof. Steve Fuller, University of Warwick
Issue 10 – May 2013
Renate van Oosten, Chatham House
Issue 9 – January 2013
Dr. Peter Biggins & Andrew Burton, Imperial College London
Shigeyuki Koide, Freelance Science Journalist
Gwern Branwen, Singularity Institute
Issue 8 – October 2012
Ziad AbuZayyad & Hillel Schenker, Palestine-Israel Journal
Clement Guitton, King’s College London
Dr. Lydia Tanner & Jennie Thomas, Oxford University & HART
Dr. Richard Pinder & Philip Hunter, Imperial College London & University of Glasgow