A Global Village


A Global Village is Imperial College’s publication on International Affairs. 

The publication offers original insights to both the Imperial College community, and external industry experts and policy-makers, and tackles a broad range of issues from energy and environment to agriculture and development, economics and finance, global health, and geopolitics. Through emphasis of the wider context in which science takes place, A Global Village provides a platform for scientists to engage with current global challenges.

Our Project
A Global Village attracts article contributors of the highest calibre from advanced undergraduates to established academics and external experts. Particularly since joining the Imperial College Union, we have received huge interest from students wishing to contribute and have established ourselves on campus as a growing and sustainable niche publication. Our developing reputation has spread to other universities both in the UK and abroad; we have engaged with contributing students and staff at the University of Oxford, UCL, Kings College London, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University College Dublin, University of St Andrews, University of Edinburgh, University Technology Petronas in Malaysia, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We have previously attracted written contributions from leading academic figures such as Sir Brian Hoskins and Sir Terence English, as well as representatives of international organisations including the World Bank, World Food Programme, UK Department for International Development, Financial Times, UNAIDS, Global Poverty Project, and Chatham House.

All articles undergo a review process over a period of about two months prior to publication. The print journal is published three times a year – in January, May and October – with an annual print circulation of 10,000 copies. It is distributed freely on the Imperial College campuses and at select external events, as well as online. In parallel to the publication of the journal, A Global Village promotes dialogue on science policy and global issues through hosting a series of events and attracting high-profile speakers to Imperial College. Panel discussions on the future of nuclear energy, pharmaceutical patents, African development and cyber security each attracted an audience of over 200 including external experts and national media.

Our History
Founded in 2010, the journal was originally conceived to encourage engaged students to write articles rooted in international politics and development. It was clear from early on that there is huge interest and appetite at Imperial College for international issues - more specifically the interface between science and technology, policy, politics and implementation.

Within the past couple of years, A Global Village has gained significant momentum. We have attracted the attention of both faculty members and institutes at Imperial College London and enjoy the support of the President and Rector of Imperial College, Sir Keith O’Nions, and of several prominent members of the College including champion of neglected tropical diseases, Professor Alan Fenwick OBE.

Our Vision
Offering original insights to both the Imperial College community and external policy-makers, A Global Village is an opportunity for the scientific community - particularly young researchers - to actively participate in dialogue on the questions that matter most. 

Our vision is for A Global Village to provide a platform for scientists to communicate the relevance and applicability of their work to the greatest global challenges currently facing mankind, and to enable them to directly impact implementation and policy decisions. In the long term we hope that A Global Village will make a meaningful contribution to dialogue and debate for science-related policy issues, questions for which Imperial College plays a prominent role, and inspire a new generation of global innovators.